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河南快3走势图 www.mo8ls.cn   I have a very happy family. My mother was a writer, she was the love of the family, and loves me, she worked inBeijing. At work on the plane. One day she was very busy, but very concerned about me, at night, my mother always read the books, she likes listening to music. My father is an engineer, to design artwork every day, in the morning, he was going to exercise, Zaiqu work. He was working in a company every day ride to work. He was always on time to go home at night he wanted to see two hours of television, Zaiqu rest, my father liked to draw. I am a primary school students, 63 elementary school class in Rouyuan study, 63 classes in my eyes, is an excellent class group. I often walk to school, I am very fond of writing, my ideal is when a writer. Mom and Dad love me very much, and I love them. We are a happy family!

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